Berlin’s Free Democrats recruit start-ups from London

Berlin wirbt mit Freien Demokraten die Start-up-Gründer aus London an

Statement from Sebastian Czaja, Secretary General of the Berlin FDP and top candidate for the Berlin election in September. The Free Democrats are at a start-up campaign in London with the aim of positioning Berlin as the new European start-up capital.

„In light of the Brexit, the Berlin Free Democrats call on the Senate to significantly reduce the barriers for start-up companies in Berlin. The German capital is the right place for those who want to build something new in Europe. Particularly in light of the current discontent in London, Berlin must proceed to cut red tape, strengthen infrastructure & open doors. We have only one chance to be the European start-up capital, and that time is now. The economic activities of the Senate have hardly succeeded in seizing this opportunity.

It is one thing to recruit in London, but it would be far better to reorganize the system in Berlin with a fairer tax system, functioning wifi, etc., because a city for start-ups needs more than just an airport. Companies should be able to establish themselves quickly, get a good start & then reach their full potential. This is only possible with a minimum of bureaucracy and a lot of mobility. And it’s not possible without Tegel airport.“